About Me

I've lived in Northern California most of my life, my wife Ali and I have raised our family here.  I love this country and recognize what a privilege it is to live here.  I have many friends from other countries who have struggled to navigate the complicated US immigration system.  Our office strives to help good people from all over the world come to or stay in America.

 One of my grandfathers immigrated from Ireland as a teenager in the 1930's.  He came by himself as a stowaway on a ship.  He came through Ellis Island.  Later he fought the Nazis in Italy in WWII and was seriously wounded during the Battle of Salerno. After the war he became a US citizen and built a nice life here.  He sacrificed much to give his family an opportunity to build and enjoy our own American dream.  Now I have the chance to "pay it forward."   Call us or stop by the office.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you.